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Alverstoke Infants school – Art Statement of Intent 2022-23

At Alverstoke Infants we want the children to develop and share their ideas, experiences and imagination through a range of materials, and develop skills of drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, textiles and printing. Through exciting starting points, topics and the use of different artists, illustrators and designers, we hope to provoke responses, provide inspiration and take opportunities to engage the children in exploring the world around them. The skills are built upon a foundation encouraged through the hands-on exploratory work within the Early Years setting, where children can freely explore and develop their ideas and skills, learning to develop, refine, evaluate and solve problems through their creative work.

In KS1 the creative curriculum is a layered process through which skills are introduced, repeated, developed and evaluated. Children are encouraged to ask questions, develop the technical language of art and to evaluate, compare and refine their work. We tailor planning to teach a range of techniques and materials so that all children are able to access the curriculum and can progress and be inspired by Art. It is important that the expectations for children with SEND are as high as they are for all, around what they can achieve. If children have a special educational need where adapted teaching is needed the Art coordinator will work with teachers to enable them to deliver lessons that are inclusive for all. These adaptations may include having to build in pre learning or over learning of a particular skill, ensuring that children have appropriate resources and space to work.

The school grounds and our local environment are used as an additional stimulus for creative activities. Our outdoor learning opportunities motivate, and encourage the collaborative sharing of ideas and team work. We celebrate the children’s creativity and learning in art through the use of our Gallery wall, which aims to raise children’s self- esteem and demonstrate skills learnt in our topics each term. We value the children’s progression in their Artwork and use display throughout the school to demonstrate how Art and creativity can be honed and refined through evaluation.

Please refer to the following documents for further information about the Art curriculum within the school:

Year overview

Progression in Art skills and knowledge

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