Alverstoke Infant School

Belonging Respect Responsibility

Alverstoke Infant School

School Development Plan 2023/24 – Information for Parents and Carers

Our Vision:

At Alverstoke Infant School, we create a happy, nurturing environment where children have a strong sense of belonging and where learning is enjoyable and motivating. We strive for our children to grow into confident, curious and aspirational lifelong learners.

We teach children the importance of respect, valuing individuality and diversity. We inspire our children to be engaged, independent, enthusiastic and resilient.  We ensure our children develop a secure understanding of their responsibility, for themselves and towards others within their community and beyond.

Three Year Strategic Aims:

Our aims for the longer term development of the school are summarised below.  At the end of each year we will

review the effectiveness of that year’s progress and reassess how we can drive further improvement.


Key objectives for the 2023/24 academic year:





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