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Our writing curriculum aims for our pupils to develop key skills and produce quality in writing. It aims to inspire pupils to gain pleasure and develop confidence, writing for a genuine purposes and for a real audiences across the curriculum.

Our writing curriculum is about:

  • Effective transcriptional skills (spelling and handwriting) are vital to ensure ideas are communicated legibly and accurately.
  • Compositional skills (articulating ideas and structuring them in speech and writing) are taught as separate skills and are linked across subjects and experiences.
  • The process of planning, revising and evaluating.
  • Time to write and revisit writing, valuing the process and craft of writing.

It is important that the expectations for children with SEND are as high as they are for all, around what they can achieve. If children have a special educational need where adapted teaching is needed the English coordinator will work with teachers to enable them to deliver lessons that are inclusive for all. These adaptations may include having to build in pre learning or over learning of a particular skill, ensuring that children have appropriate resources and space to work. 

Writing Progression Map

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